logoTaiwan located in subtropical area, hot and humidity. Thus, there are much higher moisture contents in the air.

The effect of pneumatic tools rusted, uncoordinated control, poor coated…., etc. were caused by highly condensate remaining in the compressed air.

In additions, as report of U.S Department of energy, leaks are a significant source of waste energy in a compressed air system, often wasting as much as 20%~30% of the compressor’s output. Compressed air leaking and pipeline’s residual condensate troubled compressor maker and user all the time.

Super Air has 30 years local service and met all the difficulty situations. As a limitation of traditional condensate drains, clogging、leaking、malfunction were the main claim issue of the user for 3 months around from the time being of installation. Even take off condensate drains and open up drainage valve to discharge water directly so as to make compressor working well for some users whom loss confidence in traditional condensate drain.

In order to provide a condensate drain of Zero-Air-Loss, Reliable and Safety, Super Air get involved in the technical innovation of its researching and manufacturing. Super Trap, motorized ball valve, zero air loss condensate drain was born throughout the timeless fails and testing. Therefore, Four outstanding advantages of Energy Saving, High efficiency, Reliable and safe were the breaking point to resolve all the issues of traditional condensate drains. In additions, it has been popular accepting by each field of industries such as FORMOSA PLASTIC GROUP、CHINA STEEL、CSBC CORPORATION、TAIWANGLASS、TSMC、CHIMEI、AUO、TOYOTA、BRIDGESTONE、EVEREST TEXTILE…etc.

The last but the most important, with respect to the below faith, Super Air is as a leading position with leading technologies in condensate drain.

The one earth we owned and had polluted by industrial development. We take Taiwan as a base to slowdown the impact by means of Super Trap promotion all over the world. In additions, the design of Super Trap zero air loss not only can lower unnecessary wasting of compressed air systems but also reduce CO² discharge.

In other words, the goal and idea concept of ours is to less a nuclear power plant. Let’s take as possible as our effort to achieve it.

Super Trap, the best condensate solution of yours.