• Super Trap Motorized Ball Valve Zero Air Loss Condensate Drains

Super Trap Motorized Ball Valve Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain

Breaking design!! Persistence service, Energy Saving, High Efficiency, Reliable, Safe.




ST-200AH (45 Bar)



Super Air Compressor Technology is in a leading position of compressed air systems. We provide oil-lubricated screw compressor, medical laboratory compressor, high pressure reciprocating compressor, motorized ball valve type zero air loss condensate drain, and inverter compressor. Besides, screwed air-water separator, auto drain, auto trap, auto drain trap of energy saving compressed air system and compressed air purification system are all involved in our product list.
In additions, our service includes compressor energy saving improvement, energy resource audit, compressor maintenance, design and manufacturing of condensate drain. Moreover, training and calculation service of condensate discharging for compressed air system (includes compressor, air receiver, dryer and condensate drain) can also done by us.
Super Air is a full service expert of compressed air systems, especially on the energy saving.
Except for certificate ISO9001, Super Air had been set up a research division and got dozens of design patents from Taiwan, Germany, China and CE, IP55 certificate approval.
Unquestionably, Super Trap is the most outstanding condensate drain on the compressed air market.