About Us

Super Air starts business from technical service for compressor system. In order to help the customer resolve compressors problems, we provide customized resolution case by case.

In additions, except for compressor system devices, we devote ourselves to research and manufacture of compressed energy-saving technologies as well.

After many years of effort, our products and service have been accepted and recognized by customers and government departments.​

Super Trap Motorized Ball Valve Type, Zero-Air-Loss condensate drains and speed controller of our owned technologies for air compressed systems are the strategic products of ​energy-saving concept.

These products can reduce not only operational cost of the compressor systems but also the contamination of the earth environment.​

Business Philosophy

Professional Dedication

Energy Saving Sustainable

Development Leading



Provide the best energy-saving solutions of compressed air system


Become the best industrial partner of energy0efficient compressed air system

Our History


Assigned by ESCO to work as Compressed Air System Energy Saving Consultant


Passed certification of air compressor efficiency from the Bureau of Industry, with an efficiency of 75.5%


Successfully developed a smaller model of Super Trap Ball Valve Type Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain: ST-30A


Selected as “Target Promotion of Green Technology” of the “Industrial Green Technology Promotion Plan” by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs


Air Compressor Energy Saving Counseling Consultant for Automobile Factory Supply Chain


  • Coca-Cola place an order on “High Pressure 45 Bar ” Motorized Ball Valve Zero Air Loss condensate drain.
  • New design “High Pressure 45 Bar ” Motorized Ball Valve Zero Air Loss condensate drain has been successfully developed.


  • As an assigned Lecturer of compressed air system by Industrial Technology Research Institute.
  • As an assigned consultant of Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction by City Environment Protection Bureau.


  • Executed and promoted ISO50001 by Industrial Technology Institute and Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service.
  • Super Trap is approved to be a standard product of the industrial Green Growth Plan by Industrial Development Bureau.
  • SBIR approved to develop perspective condensate drain.



  • As a consultant assigned by Industrial Technology Research Institute Green
  • Accompany with Energy & Environment Research Laboratories to improve local factories of its energy efficiency for compressed air systems.
  • 獲產基會『清潔生產技術』之『技術卓越』獎


  • Be invited by Formosa Plastics Group and uni-president to have seminars & training classes
  • 工研院能環所委託節能改善(實施對象:中聯資源,明諦化工)
  • 工業局節能技術論文優等獎
  • 獲工業局邀請於節能績優廠商表揚大會上展示空壓節能設備
  • 獲邀參與工研院主辦:統一企業空壓節能種子訓練


  • As a consultant assigned by Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories.
  • 工研院機械所委託節能改善(實施對象:梁鑫、大亞公司)


As a consultant assigned by Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories.


Set up new plant.


  • As an assigned lecturer and energy auditor of Green Energy & Environment Research Laboratories by Industrial Technology Research Institute.
  • Patent of Speed controller approved.
  • Patent of energy Saving product “Super Trap” have been approved.(Zero Air Loss).


SBIR Phase 1 approved.


Patent of condensate drain approved (Model name: Blue Whale).


As an agent of GVM Germany in Taiwan


  • As an agent of Ceccato Italy in Taiwan.
  • Set up head office


Founded and as a maintenance and service provider in compressed air system.