**Super Air News** Great Success at Taiwan Expo in Thailand🎉台灣形象展訂單滿滿🎉
Super Air Created a big hit!

Super Air Created a big hit! We went to Bangkok, Thailand last week to participate in the 2023 Taiwan Expo. This exhibition invited more than 30 medias, as well as well-known Thai DJs and popular idols to the scene, which attracted many local users to visit. Super Trap energy-saving drain set up in the ESG zone and has attracted many factory manager and air compressor service providers to contact and cooperate. 👏🏻

能揚空壓於上周前往泰國曼谷參與2023年台灣形象展,本次展覽邀請到超過30家媒體、以及泰國知名DJ和當紅偶像至現場,吸引許多民眾及當地使用者參觀、交流。設攤於ESG專區的能揚Super Trap節能排水器更吸引許多廠務、空壓機服務供應商聯繫合作,訂單滿滿!👏🏻

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