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Locates in Taiwan and started the business from technical service for compressed air systems since 1988. From then on, we provide customized solutions for different problems and continue to strive for excellence. Besides, we are committed to compressor energy-saving industry and have a leading position on R&D and manufacturing capability in Taiwan. With a view to promoting industrial sustainable development and implementing the concept of green production, Super Trap is unquestionable the best representative product of this concept.

Business philosophy |  Professional Dedication Energy Saving Sustainable Development Leading Innovation
Mission |  Provide the best energy-saving solutions of compressed air system
Vision |  Become the best industrial partner of energy-efficient compressed air system


We use stainless steel as main part of condensate drain in order to provide comprehensive protection, reduce corrosion effect and extend the operating life.


trap-2Primary Factor Affects Quality and Function — Condensate

Condensate causes poor adhesion between the body part and coating.
This will lead to rough surface or even powder agglomeration.
If the humidity of the compressed air is over 40%, equipment will rust,
accelerate wear and interrupt operation. All these factors will reduce the competitiveness of enterprises.



Compressed Air Is Not Free

Atmospheric air is free and can be found everywhere.trap-3
It can be turned into the compressed air by air compressor through purification, store, and delivery. This process includes equipment investments and energy consumption. Because the energy conversion efficiency is very low, compressed air can’t be seen as free, but the most expensive energy in the factory.


Disadvantages of other drains
  • Clog easily
  • Complex Operation
  • Curved discharge channel
  • Narrow drainage channel
  • Loose parts immersed in condensate
  • Too much loose parts & operate frequently

super-11  super-4  super-5  super-10  super-3


Other Features
  • Stainless steel vessel
  • Dustproof & waterproof
  • Zero Air Loss –Energy saving
  • Cost Saving– Without diaphragm cost
  • Manual test button and discharge impurities
  • Safe & Reliable – remote monitor is available
  • Large discharge channel – Without contaminants accumulation
  • Manual operation when the power failed – Flexible, Reliable and Safe
  • Capable of discharging in zero pressure – compressor can be operated as usual
  • Straight discharge channel –contaminant discharged with condensate


ϕ10mm Channel

The diameter of the discharge channel inside the ball valve is 10mm.
Even iron filings can be discharged easily without Y type filter.
Super Trap is the most workable condensate drain on the market.

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