On October 14, 2018, the weather was cool and comfortable. It was a day to respond marathon activities organized by the Osteoporosis Association~


This marathon was divided into three group– 5K, 11K and 21K, attracting thousands of people to participate, including the former Olympic national team and the world-renowned track and field women—Ms. Ji Zheng !

At the same time,  KMUH system provides a number of brilliant booth with variety of health screenings: free ultrasound bone density testing, osteoporosis care, and free cancer screening. It is really a  “prize-rich” activity, which people learned relevant knowledge through activities!


Let us start running! GO!GO!GO!



Warm-up dance before start



Warm-up dance before start

Directed by: Department of Sports, Kaohsiung City
Organizer: Kaohsiung Medical University; Kaohsiung Medical Hospital;

KMUH Osteoporosis Care Association; Taiwan Osteoporosis Care Association;

Taiwan Weight Loss Education DevelopmentAssociation;

The Chengcing Lake Friendship Jogging Institution of Kaohsiung

Co-organiser: Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau; KMUH system; Kaohsiung City

Police Department;  Kaohsiung Marathon Federation; Zhao Tianlin Legislator


Sponsor: Super Air Compressor Technology Co., Ltd.; ShuMinChuFang; Amgen Inc;

LOTUS; Sebamed; ShinyLife


photo credit: Super Air– Linda Wang

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Activity Highlights — 2018 KMUH “Prevent Osteoporosis” Marathon

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