Super Air starts business from technical service for compressor system.  In order to help the customer resolve compressors problems, we provide customized resolution case by case.  In additions, except for compressor system devices, we devote ourselves to research and manufacture of compressed energy-saving technologies as well.  After many years of effort, our products and service have been accepted and recognized by customers and government departments.​

Super Trap Motorized Ball Valve Type, Zero-Air-Loss condensate drains and speed controller of our owned technologies for air compressed systems are the strategic products of ​
energy-saving concept.  These products can reduce not only operational cost of the compressor systems but also the contamination of the earth environment.​

Business philosophy |  Professional Dedication Energy Saving Sustainable Development Leading Innovation
Mission |  Provide the best energy-saving solutions of compressed air system
Vision |  Become the best industrial partner of energy0efficient compressed air system